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A Toast to the West Coast Man

Ok. So I have to admit it. I was wrong. A while back I threw up my hands at the idea of a man who would ask a woman out to a hike for a first date.  However, after countless dates at bars, I have officially changed my mind.


No really, I was wrong.

I’m not sure exactly when the shift happened. Perhaps it was the 3rd guy in Chelsea to ask me to go ‘hang out and maybe have a beer?’; perhaps it was the handsome and considerate Actor who asked me if I’d like to go for a hike around Griffith Observatory next time I was in LA; perhaps it was the NYC guy who took me out to a bar near my house, insisted on walking me home after I declined, and then looked surprised when I just gave him a quick kiss and shut the door behind me (he was boring guys, the conversation was so, so, dull, and I didn’t want to sleep with him); or perhaps it was the West Coast dancer who paid for my ticket into a Dance event to “welcome me home”, but in any event, I’ve decided that I LOVE it when guys ask me to do something out of the ordinary on a first date.


Me reacting to a creative date proposal

For some reason, most of the guys thinking outside of the box date wise, have been West Coast Men. On top of being creative about date locations, most of these lovely fellas somehow manage to balance an appreciation of the arts, with some very manly muscles (you know, from all the hiking and chopping wood) and interest in the outdoors or fixing things.


Chopping Wood Is So Hot Right Now

In my experience East Coasters tend to be experts in their area of interest, most are well read, and well educated, but when I come home to the West, and chat with some of the guys I grew up with, we talk politics, art, relationships, financial investments, travel, the conversation is just so diverse and interesting! I find myself sighing over having to go back East and leave them all behind! (Also, did I mention the tight butts from all that hiking? It’s a plus.)


Russel Willson, Need I say more?

Lastly, my experience with West Coasters tends to find them a lot more flexible in their ideas around gender norms. So a lady who can re-wallpaper a bathroom or change a lighting fixture (which I’m doing for my parents this winter) isn’t a threat, just someone to work alongside. Which is so refreshing, after some of the attitude I’ve gotten back East. I am really, very tired of men suggesting I am a lesbian just because I use a screw-gun at work (and clearly they have never read this blog). A lady can know how to drive a screw and still drive a man crazy thank-you-very-much. And luckily most West Coast Men I meet get that.

So here it is, a Holiday Toast to the West Coast Man! May other men learn by your example.



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