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The Bumble Intro – 101

A ton of my friends have asked me over the past few years how I end up going on all these dates via Tinder and Bumble. The main lament seems to be a lack of response, and/or a tapering off of conversation after the initial contact is made. I am not immune to this, nor am I innocent when it comes to ghosting (sometimes a girl just has to go to London and start fresh when she gets back!), but I have discovered some tricks to getting and keeping someone’s attention on social media (both mine and others), without any overt sexual references (and lets be honest those can backfire quickly). My number 1 secret? gifs.

No, I’m serious. I can’t tell you the number of guys who I’ve texted questions or tried to continue conversations with who don’t reply, but as soon as I send a gif…they react. Maybe it’s because they find it unique…more likely it’s because they are amused or because we live in a media saturated era. Maybe it’s because even though they signed up for Bumble they still like to make the first move. Whatever the reason, gifs work at starting a fun conversation with a fairly low amount of effort. Here are some of my favorites for starting a conversation. Feel free to use them.


The Wink. Sassy or cute, any will do!



The Wave. Many are good options but for some reason straight guys in LA and NY love the “Saved By the Bell” reference. 


Blowing Kisses. I like to keep them innocent… but you do you. Guys seem to love this one. 


The Silly Hello! There are tons. Don’t use one that isn’t your sense of humor, because the people that reply will be the ones that find this cute. Everyone else will pretty much ignore it. 

There are equivalent guy ones:


Oh hey there Tom Hardy. The direct look is key.


Include a “Hey There” = Silly +Sassy. 


A “Friends” reference never hurt anyone. 

So even when the conversation starts out good it can falter. People get distracted, life pops up, etc. and it can feel awkward to re-start. My go-to: cat gifs. No one says no to cat gifs (What are we monsters?!? No). My number one conversation re-starter?


Boom. It Works. Every. Single. Time.

There are a few others too:


Hey, where did you go? 

And for a follow up to a big question or statement that received silence…


Too much? 

So that’s pretty much my trick. Have some great photos for your profile, and lead with gifs. Be funny, be charming, don’t be mean, and you will be fine.



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