75 First Dates

My Tinder Adventure

Reoccurring Characters

All Names Have Been Changed to Protect the Innocent 

Marshall and Lilly – My cousin and his lovely wife. Longtime Brooklynites and proof that you can still find a romantic partner offline in NYC.

The Ex Man Friend (EMF) – My “Ex and Bestie”. A Lawyer who I dated for 4 years and maintained a good friendship with after the break-up.

Emma – The perfect partner in crime when I have a dance party or concert to go to.

Kristi – A vivacious theater friend who encouraged me to start this blog and was privy to many post-bad-date-angst-fests before that.

Jill – A work friend and wing-woman extraordinaire. Also known for her ability to throw a hell-of-a-good party.

Nikki – An adventurer, world traveler and straight shooter when it comes to sizing men (and people in general) up.

T & G – A Chelsea gay couple with fabulous style, who throw marvelous dinner parties.

Chicago Guy – “A ladies man, man’s man, man about town” who I’ve been known to spend the night with.

Ray, Finn, and Poe – My roommates: a longtime couple (one of whom I met in HS) and a guy we’ve know since childhood.





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